Scion's Sacrifice - Available Now


She’ll fight for his very soul.

Davar is the son of The Blacklord, a man of pure evil. He’s never questioned the wishes of his father, never even thought to go against the most powerful man in the world. He thought he was irredeemable… until he met Cass. There is something about the pure-hearted woman, and the way she sees the world and him, which eats away at him. He doesn’t want to change… or does he? READ MORE HERE

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Scion Rising - Available Now


He’d have to be crazy to follow her.

Wyllea is certain she’s going mad, or at least as certain as an insane person might be. The voice in her head is not her own and it’s been getting stronger as she grows weaker, trapped without provisions behind enemy lines. She needs help… soon, before she loses herself entirely. But the only man she can trust is a thief and rogue.

Tirol just wants to be free and left alone, but he’s been living in a land occupied by The Blacklord’s army, dodging their “recruiters” for months in the wasted lands of the east. Then the mysterious Wyllea[...] READ MORE HERE

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The Last Scion - Available Now


She can’t ignore the mystery he carries.

Other than being taller than the other village girls, Senia had never thought of herself as special, until a mysterious man stumbles into their village with a large bundle he protects with his life. Now something is calling to her, something so familiar it sings in her soul, something she can’t ignore… something that will change her life forever[...] READ MORE HERE

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The Swordmaster's Apprentice  - Available Now


Swordmaster Apprentice 1600-2400 Alone and hunted in an uncaring country…

Orinarra has always been able to look after herself, but after her swordmaster instructor is murdered and assassins pursue her relentlessly, she’s forced to turn to the only person she trusts, her brother.When Leethan answers his sister’s desperate summons, he finds himself mired in political machinations far deeper than he could have imagined. They’re caught in a web of corruption in a country on the edge of civil war.Together they must solve the mystery of who killed Orinarra’s teacher and, in doing so, fight to overthrow an entire government. Despite all their training they are still untested and both fear they’ll fail, causing this kingdom to fall into chaos [...] READ MORE HERE

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The Goblin King - Available Now


Goblin King 1600-2400

 No Goblin has been able to unite the warring tribes in more than one hundred years.

Yet more and more evidence suggests a new Goblin King is gathering the tribes in the east for a war on the Seven Kingdoms of Man. Eight heroes gather to face this new threat, one champion from each of the Seven Kingdoms and their guide through the wilds of the east. Farion Quin, Knight Captain of Lorest, is far from being the strongest, or fastest, or most experienced of the group, and he fears he may be the loose thread that unravels this secret quest [...] READ MORE HERE

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